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Australian native plant series

The Australian Native plant series of booklets

An important part of our business has been printing, publishing and distributing books worldwide about plants. As of mid 2011 we are expanding into shorter publications in the the more popular magazine/booklet format. These come in both printed and PDF format . Feel free to enquire.

Now nine in 'The Australian Series':

Volume 1 - The Australian Calandrinia  20 pages ........     scroll down for preview

Volume 2 - Australian Bottle Trees and Boabs  40 pages          "     "

Volume 3 - Australian Gymea and Spear Lilies  20 pages         "     "

Volume 4 - Australian Succulent Orchids  20 pages                  "     "

Volume 5 - Australian Ant-Plants: Amazing relationships with ants  20 pages   "   "

Volume 6 - Australian Weird and Wonderful Wattles 20 pages   "     "

Volume 7 - Australian Pigface and Pigweed 24 pages                  "    "

Volume 8 - Australian Native Bulbs     24 pages                           "     "

Volume 9- Australian Grass Trees       28 pages                           "     " NEW

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The printed publications are A4, full colour, softbound, mostly pictorial.


  • To advance the education of the public by study, culture and propagation of Australian plants, and to promote the conservation of these plants.


  • To educate at all levels - public, secondary, tertiary, media and to provide copies to all educational institutions Australia wide.


  • Information that is not readily available elsewhere, or not in the same cohesive format, or in some cases not available at all.


  • Colour, drama and 'Life' for anybody and everybody are the recipe for these publications.


Please ask about discount for the SET OF 9!


There are 12 publications in the series drafted so far.
Volumes numbered 10 -12 are in various stages of development and if these 9 are well received, then the rest may follow accordingly.