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Australian Succulent Plants in Cultivation

Growing Australian plants is a great way to enjoy and learn more about them.
Apart from the few plants grown for food and medicine, there is the appeal and challenge of growing new and uncommon plants, some of which offer attractive foliage and flowers.
Some experts regard most of these succulent plants as unsuitable for cultivation, but an increasing number are being grown successfully.


Succulent plants need less water, fertiliser and other chemicals than many commonly cultivated plants.


Here's a link to pictures of  the garden and how it looks during spring and autumn.



Demand on our diminishing water supplies is also increasing along with the cost, so choosing plants with low water and chemical needs, not to mention other environmental concerns, makes good sense.
Plant lovers still have more than enough water-conserving Australian native plants from which to choose for any veranda, greenhouse or garden, but gardeners will need to seek them out and experiment a little, and isn’t that half the fun?

Australian Succulents

Australian Succulents



A special, mostly pictorial presentation has been created here and below to stimulate further utilisation of Australian native succulent plants by gardeners, farmers and environmentalists alike.
Whilst some years of research have now uncovered a wealth of information and pictures on this subject, unfortunately only a fraction is able to be shared here.
(Numerous examples of successful cultivation can also be found throughout the main picture gallery.)

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