January 2018 UPDATE:

Our garden is open for visits by appointment with a $10 entry fee per person. It involves a 20 -30 minute guided tour then allowing for a private wander at your own leisure. Due to the many steps and sloping block, no 'wheels' of any sort can be allowed.

At the OGV season launch we had  800 people come through in two days. A hectic weekend and afterwich the garden  had a much needed rest!


The entries below  show our schedules and a sample of Attila's past work in 2015.

We have a very busy speaking circuit calendar, with Attila's very entertaining and informative presentations.
Below are the public events that you may wish to attend. You must contact the organisers beforehand.

*You can also use these current or past events to get a reference or recommendation from the organisers*

We have other private events or if you'd like to organise something yourself see the website for more details on our presentations and fees - contact us here.
Beyond dates below, please enquire.


10th August


Topic: Succulent trends in garden design. 9.15am.U3A Knox,

Park Boulevard, Fern Tree Gully  contact  Pam Donner

11th Aug

Narre Warren

Open Garden from 9am-5pm by appointment only. Call 041 999 0934

A small group have now booked 10-11am.

11th Aug

Glen Iris

Topic: What do roses and succulents have in common. 8pm
Rose Society of Victoria.    Jacinta Burke

12th Aug


Topic: Succulent trends in garden design.   10.30am
Bayside U3A  Ann Swiers

22nd Aug


Topic: Native bulbs 9.15am 3AW Radio

interview with Jane Edmanson live in the studio.

22nd Aug

Narre Warren

Open Garden from 9am-5pm by appointment only. Call 041 999 0934

Broadmeadows Garden Club,  48 people have booked 10.45am-12 noon

25th Aug

Narre Warren

Open Garden from 9am-5pm by appointment only. Call 041 999 0934 
Croydon Seniors have booked 11am-12 midday.

29th Aug


Start International Speaking tour of southern USA.

1st Sept

Santa Monica

Topic: The Sunset Club, Santa Monica, California.

2nd Sept

San Bernardino

Topic: Australian succulents. The Gates Club, San Bernardino, California.

3rd Sept

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Club, San Fernando Valley, California

4th Sept

San Marino

Official dinner:

Huntington Botanic Gardens, San Marino, California

5th Sept

San Marino

Topic: Australian Succulents - all day event

Huntington Botanic Gardens, San Marino, California

8th Sept


10th Sept

10th Sept

San Marino

San Gabriel

Botanic Gardens of Australia (at Huntington Botanic Gardens)

Botanic Gardens of Australia

13th Sept

Palos Verde

Rock and Tree Dwelling Succulents

14th Sept

Waco Texas

Australian Succulent Plants

15th Sept

Kerrville Texas

The Future of Succulents in Garden Design

16th Sept

San Antonio Texas

The Future of Succulents in Garden Design

17th Sept

Austin Texas

Rock and Tree Dewlling Succulents

19-22nd Sept

Denver Colorado

26th Sept

Palomar CA

2nd Oct

Santa Barbara

The Future of Succulents in Garden Design

9 -11th Oct


Hort Festival at Melbourne Showgrounds. See large ad above for more.

12 -14th Oct

Narre Warren

Open Garden by appointment only, call 0419990934 (final for 2015)

24 -25th Oct

Mount Waverley

Cactus & Succulent Society Show and Sale



We travel a lot and have difficulty being available for small groups or individuals who turn up unannounced and wish to view our large garden and succulent collection.
In the years past we have opened our garden to everybody, every day.
But it is now becoming increasing harder to accommodate everyone.

Updates and confirmation of these proposed openings will only be available through this website, so please check this website a week prior to the dates below.
During April 2016 our garden will be open by appointment only, hours 10 - 4 pm. Preferably email your interest and the number of people coming with you. 'Attila & Michele Kapitany's Garden' is not normally open to the public especially as there is no house, shelter or facilities e.g. toilet. We had our garden open as part of the Open Garden Scheme in recent years and on one weekend we had over 1000 people through.
Warning: there are no toilets, but a shopping centre 5 minutes drive.

Warning: There are slopes, steps, deep water and dangerous plants. No wheels permitted, no pets, children MUST be supervised at all times.

Some further information about our garden below.

Attila & Michele Kapitany's Garden

Welcome to our garden - showcasing the diversity, resilience and beauty of an eclectic mix of low maintenance plants. From across the world many of which are succulent or native.

Our location in the outer east of Melbourne is ideal for showing others what can be done in a suburban or rural location with a similar climate.

•1.       A full list of all the species planted is available on request.

•2.       Short plant  lists will also be available, with plants groups as:

Encouraging native wildlife.

Gardens that have thick or thorny bushes protect native animals by providing shelter, refuge from predators, nesting places for birds such as blue Wrens and New Holland Honeyeaters. Blue wrens have declined in recent years due to cats, dogs and foxes. This garden has a double wire perimeter for added protection. Cats are under a 24 hour curfew in this district. Wildlife has increased in this garden in recent years e.g. thousands of tiny skink lizards and several large blue tongue lizards (and a copperhead snake).  Create habitats through careful design and plant selection. We have a special area dedicated to attracting butterflies and bees. Another area nearby for honeyeaters. Several billabongs at low points in the gardens are homes to hundreds of frogs of different species. Ducks, herons, purple swamps hens and a range of other water birds frequent the largest billabong. Here there are many native grasses and daisies for the butterflies and their caterpillars. Over a dozen bird baths or raised ponds provide drinking points for birds. Pesticides and chemicals are kept to the minimum as overuse can harm the nearby waterway and wildlife.

This display garden is also used to demonstrate and educate. We also undertake research and trials to promote the integration, good design and use of waterwise native plants.  Wisely chosen native plants bring many benefits and need not look untidy.

While the garden is almost 10 years old, only for the last 5 years has the focus been solely on incorporating new, interesting and unusual Australian native plants. As a demonstration/display garden the objective is sufficiently complete. Visitors regularly find a great deal to see, appreciate and learn even though it is still evolving.

Our garden has many curious and wonderful secrets to share with those who are interested. Visitors can relax in the garden, or stroll around or sit in the various seating around the garden and contemplate. For the very keen there are thousands of photo opportunities or interesting or unusual plants to ask about. Or perhaps if you're lucky enough, as most people are on quieter days, a chance to see or photograph the wildlife.

A lot of people comment of the numerous and unusual native plants. The whole garden is a unique experience and is distinctly different from any other garden.

Environmental weeds - be cautious when choosing plants that appeal to you as there are always a few amongst them that have the potential to become weeds. Remember to ask about these.

Whatever your idea of a perfect garden is or your style of gardening, there will be something here that will strike a chord. This garden has been designed to show how water efficient plants can create desirable gardens. If you wish to see some pictures, email a request and we'll give you a link.

There are many thousands of plants just in this one garden.

The Future

This garden will never be complete so from time to time work areas and projects will necessitate areas being untidy and off limits.


Children in your care must be appropriately supervised at all times.

Reducing fire risk

Ideas and plants used in this garden can contribute significantly to a bushfire protection plan. Ask to be shown these when you visit.

Edible plants

You'll be surprised what is edible in the garden especially the ones that are native.

Plant Sales

A large selection of plants is always on sale during most open days.

Guided tours

Join Attila or Michele for a tour of this stunning low maintenance garden.

For those seeking a rich and diverse garden of their own in a few short years there's a lot to be gleaned. There is a series of different garden areas (rooms) some thematic and some geographically arranged. Highlights include the cactus garden, the desert plain, the 'Crow Bar', the Ruins, the Billabong and the butterfly lawn.

Bookings are essential - 041 999 0934

Entry fee: $10 per person. Plants and book sales will be available.


For future reference  our garden  has increasingly been used for photo shoots e.g.primarily for  magazines and television shows, but now with interest for weddings and small corporate events. Our rate is $200 per day (whether it is an hour or the whole day, as this commits the day to the booking exclusively). For weddings we offer a vast range of garden scenes that can make fantastic settings - whether it be luxuriant greenery, floral extravagance, desert scene, lakeside background. We also offer some very unusual and sculptural settings as well. Anyone considering a natural setting cannot do better that this!

Please ask for a link to some of the best pics of our garden.