This website is primarily an information resource (by Attila and Michele Kapitany) - also with books, plants and seeds available (mostly relating to succulent plants, both native and exotic species). Any commercial aspect here helps fund the site, as well as research and further publications, to a small degree.

Here you will find lots of information about a range of interesting and unusual plants, and pictures we think show them at their best. Also which ones are useful or edible in some way.
Through the book, 'Australian Succulent Plants' and seed kit, we had aimed to make a major contribution or impact on the education, greater appreciation and utilisation of Australian plants, especially by Australians in their gardens, and the work continues...

We have also found that dispersing seeds of these plants, along with cultural information, is the most effective way of introducing these plants to many people.

One seed kit alone for example, is not going to have a big influence and there is a well-established horticultural industry that already provides a range of Australian plants; however not these ones, and an analysis of each step as outlined on this website does give a picture of a longer term larger strategy.

Each seed kit had 300-500 seeds of twelve to fifteen different species.
This multiplied by 100 kits equals 30,000 seeds.
These statistics are still modest until all the other prepared and packed seed of approximately thirty further species (on the general seed list) is also considered.

And if by even a modest assessment of how well this seed-raising project will work, there is potential (and a very real intention) to expand or do something similar on an ongoing basis.
This may also encourage other like-minded people to do likewise.

The fact that most of these plants covered here are not available through most Australian nurseries also needs to be addressed.

Several commercial growers have undertaken trials s a result.

Australian Succulent Plants

The book ‘Australian Succulent Plants »»’ and this website, its updates and newsletters, will be the platform on which the interest and desire for more involvement with these plants will surely follow.



As of January 2013 the above book titled, 'Australian Succulent Plants' will be out of print. With 2000 copies sold, it can now be heralded as a great success! No plans to reprint but instead we have smaller booklets underway which can fundamentally replace much of the content of our flgship book. Each of these booklets covers a chapter, section or genus mostly from this book, each with greatly expanded and updated information and pictures. For more on these booklets, see side menu 'Australian Native Plant Series' or enquire.

In  late 2014 we had plans for a possible smaller field guide. Watch this space and/or let us know what you think. We tried with Kickstarter an internet fund raiser to assist with financing this project, however we had insufficient funds to continue.