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Australian Succulent Plants

Australian Succulent Plants is an introduction to the beauty and diversity of Australian succulent flora.
240 pages, hard cover, full colour,published by Kapitany Concepts (see end of page) AUD $75.00            SOLD OUT!

A fresh change from conventional attitudes and ideas about the diversity and beauty of Australian flora.

With Australia’s natural flora of well over 20,000 species, at least 400 are considered to have a notable degree of succulence.
This book covers approximately one hundred species from forty genera.

Many of the plants included are very poorly covered by general books (including encyclopaedias) about Australian plants. Each plant in this publication has short descriptions and clear photos showing the plants in habitat wherever possible.

While there are numerous highly technical scientific papers covering most of these native Australian plants, they are dispersed and difficult to access, especially for the general public. So this book has this information all together in an easy to read and use format, for both the professional and amateur enthusiasts.The most distinguishing features as well as all succulent parts of each plant are shown or discussed to help with identification.

Australian Succulent Plants

This publication covers plants that are common and well known, as well as some interesting, rare and unusual species.

While most grow better in the garden, a few can grow indoors, and many are edible. Also included are additional notes on traditional and modern foods, supply and availability, cultivation, conservation and other points of interest.

Included are some of the most under appreciated, diverse, and interesting of Australian plants.
The fact that many of them are among the most drought or dry tolerant of all plants, helps link them all together, along with their obvious succulence.

This introduction to Australian succulent plants will help highlight the need for further research, if not just to have an inventory of these interesting and intriguing plants for conservation, then for their remarkable water-wise virtues.

If this book achieves anything, it is to inspire others to learn, discover and explore more about the flora of Australia.

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Book reviews

Oh My Goodness…..if this book is the ‘introduction’ stand
back for the sequel!
This book is mammoth in scope and content!..........

Susan Burns - Editor: Etanica by Horticolour Oct 2007

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If you live in Australia and the above is out of your budget, get your local library to order a copy. Libraries are obliged to stock Australian books with Australian content! Once you've looked it over, you may even be tempted to get a copy yourself.