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Copiapoa 2006

By Rudolf Schulz
240 pages, hard bound, full colour,
AUD $100.00 $80.00

Copiapoa 2006 follows the pattern of the previous book, Copiapoa in their Environment (1996, co-authored with Attila Kapitany). This book by Rudolf alone covers all of the described species and their many subspecies and forms.

Also notable is the change that has occurred over the past ten years since the first book was written with various pictures comparing then and now.

Newly described species are also included so this book makes an excellent addition to the first book which has had much international acclaim.

Copiapoa 2006

Written in an easy style with abundant photographs, it will appeal to the collector of cactus as well as the botanist, taxonomist, armchair traveller and all those interested in knowing more about this variable and beautiful genus of plants just clinging to life in a very precarious environment.

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