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Succulent Success in the Garden

(reprinted, 2007)
104 pages full colour, AUD $26.00




Succulent Success in the Garden is the third in a series of books which explains how these fascinating plants can be used in the garden. In this book a range of gardens are explored in considerable detail, showing a variety of situations, ranging from an inner city courtyard to a rural property. Many interesting ideas and inspirational information will be gained from looking closely at how and why these gardens are created and maintained. The gardens in this book are all private gardens, created by the efforts of the owners alone. No designer, caretaker or landscaper was ever used or needed. Why are all these gardeners so excited and successful with their succulents? Because they 'work'. It can be as simple as that.

Succulent Success in the Garden

This book will show you better than any other book written where and how to grow succulents in a wide variety of garden situations. While this is no guarantee that your garden will transform itself into a succulent paradise, it will at least give you the information which can make that dream possible. This book is especially useful for anyone who is planning to landscape a new garden.