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Pinguone, Kenya - Succulents and their Environment

By Rudolf Schulz and Anne Powys
160 pages, hard bound, full colour,
AUD $100.00 $80.00

This book deals with a specific area of Kenya and focuses on its diverse succulent flora, mostly on the private ranch ‘Pinguone’, an area of 44,000 acres (20,000 ha) located in the highlands of Kenya.

Firstly, habitat photographs give a representation of a fascinating and beautiful environment on a pictorial level.
Understanding the natural environment of plants should lead to a better understanding of their growth requirements which will allow the amateur enthusiast to maintain a healthier plant collection. Included are some plants which are usually considered trees, bulbs or vines. These "honorary" succulents include several bulbs, numerous caudiciforms with underground tubers and several thick-trunked tree species.

Pinguone, Kenya

This book describes and illustrates the twenty families of succulents in their environment with the major groups being 21 asclepiads, 16 Liliaceae (including aloes) seven Crassulaceae, seven Euphorbiaceae, and five cucurbits.
The dynamics of this environment are presented especially how it has and will change over time as a result of the complex and fascinating interactions between plants, animals and the environment.

Finally, the text is written on a jargon-free level understandable to both general readers who are not well versed in succulent details but will still provide specifics for those with detailed interests.

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