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Succulents for the Garden

(revised edition, 2006)
96 pages full colour, AUD $23.95

Succulents have come a long way since grandma's day when they were represented by a few spiny and neglected specimens in clay pots. Today succulents demonstrate their many advantages in Australian gardens and landscaping through their outstanding colour, shapes, form, and textures as well as their maintenance advantages and hardiness. With the advent of water wise gardening, more gardeners are demanding information on how to choose and use these outstanding and care-free plants. No longer just thought of as potted specimens, they are gaining favour as ground covers, borders, living mulches, fire retardants, slope stabilizers and in a host of other exciting roles.

Succulents for the Garden

Succulents for the Garden is written for gardeners who seek basic information and inspiration about these plants.The first half of the book gives ideas, inspiration and information on garden versatility The remainder of the book puts forward those succulent groups which are the most suitable for garden use. A series of charts and tables helps the reader decide on which plants best solve particular garden problems. This book is great for beginners.

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