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Uebelmannia and Their Environment

By Rudolf Schulz & Marlon Machado
160 pages, hard bound, full colour,
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The genus Uebelmannia has always had a mystique about it since its discovery in the 1960's. While many collectors are familiar with the ever popular Uebelmannia pectinifera var. pectinifera, the other six taxa are less well known. Field work was carried out over three years 1997, 1998 and 1999 during which time twenty-five populations of Uebelmannia covering all of the published species and varieties were visited.

This book is about the ecology of the genus Uebelmannia showing mostly plants growing in their native habitat. Through numerous photographs, the authors present the environment of the species, the interactions of Uebelmannia with other plants and animals, the life cycle of the Uebelmannia species, and the distinguishing characteristics of the genus and of each species. In addition there is a taxonomic history of the genus.

Uebelmannia and Their Environment

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