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Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia

Provides contacts and links to similar societies in most major cities of Australia (all have plant sellers).

Australian Plants Society, Victoria

While not a website about succulents, it's still one of Australia's best resources for contacting fellow enthusiasts about native plants.

Gardens to visit

Australian native succulent plants are not necessarily always obvious or a major part of any Australian Botanic Garden. Considerable research or a reference in hand is a big advantage. Also the time of the year to find plants and in some cases at their peak may require some homework prior to any visit. For example the Aridlands Botanic Gardens is best visited from August through September, preferably in the middle of this period and after good seasonal rains, when both perennial and annual succulent plants are in vigorous growth and flower. The opposing dry summer and autumn can have these plants shrivelled and unappealing or absent altogether. Botanical Gardens around Australia that include notable plantings of Australian succulent plants are:

  • Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
    Stuart Highway, Port Augusta West, SA 5700
    Phone.: 08 8641 1049 Fax: 08 8641 1241
    Displays of various arid and semi-arid zone environments on
    about 200 hectares. Succulent plants are a dominant feature.
  • Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
    River Road, Mourquong (near Mildura) Vic. 3500
    Phone: 03 5023 3612 Fax: 03 5022 0012
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
    Clunies Ross Street, Black Mountain, Canberra ACT 2601
    Phone: 02 62509450 Fax: 02 62509599
  • Cranbourne Botanic Gardens
    1000 Ballarto Road, Cranbourne, Vic. 3977
    Phone: 03 5990 2200 Fax: 03 5990 2250
  • Mt Annan Botanic Gardens
    Mount Annan Drive, Mount Annan, NSW 2567
    Phone: 02 4648 2477


Recommended nurseries

Sourcing plants and seeds The contact details of a selection of specialist plant and seed suppliers are listed here, but there are many more nurseries that are not included.
Some of the nurseries below are just beginning to extend their range into this area of native succulent plants, and so dedicated searching may be required e.g. ask about plants not yet in their regular catalogues.
Alternatively you can source your own material in the field. More details about the laws and permits required are available in the book.


  • Boab Growers - Peter Fox and Denise Hales
    PO Box 1285 Kununurra WA 6743
    Ph: 0417 184 563 Email:
  • Australian Orchid Nursery -Wayne Australian Natiive Nursery WayneTurville
    Ph: (03) 5977-3122 Fax: (03) 5977-3350
    A grower of native orchids specialising in epiphytic and lithophytic species, as well as their cultivars. Excellent website.
  • Bottle Tree Plantations
    PO Box 2867 Toowoomba. Qld. 4350
    Phone: 07 4697 6195 Fax: 07 4697 6124 Mobile: 0412 222 535
    Grows and sells Brachychiton rupestris. Shipped worldwide.
  • Boab Research - Peter Johnson
    Dept of Agriculture PO Box 19, Kununurra WA 6743
    Ph: 08 9166 4000 Fax: 08 9166 4066
  • Brenton Tucker Native Plants & Carawatha Garden
    Placid Estates Rd Wellington East via Tailem Bend SA 5260
    Ph: (08) 8572 7104
    Large range of small to advanced plants. Also extensive display gardens.
  • Codrington Nursery
    Princes Highway Codrington Vic 3285
    Ph: (03) 5568 4344 Fax: (03) 5568 4306
    Large range including coastal varieties indigenous to south west Victoria.
  • Daisy Patch Nursery
    Native plant grower - Brachychiton, Calostemma, Carpobrotus & Maireana.
    Also just self-published a book titled: "Good Choices, Simple Steps" Matching Plants to Your Conditions.
    1 George Terrace, Coonalpyn, SA 5265.
    Ph/Fax 08 85711172
  • Guruna Nursery
    Native, exotic, unusual, edible and medicinal plants. Bulbine bulbosa, Carpobrotus rossii, Cissus, Enchylaena tomentosa, Tetragonia tetragonioides.
    Available through mail order and retail in Sydney.
  • Kuranga Native Nursery Vic.
    Ph: (03) 9760 8100
    Regarded as having Australia’s largest range of Australian flora.
  • Nielsen’s Native Nursery
    49-51 Beenleigh Redland Bay Rd Loganholme QLD 4219
    Ph: (07) 3806 1414
    The range includes Brachychitons, Cycads, and rainforest and bush tucker plants.
  • Sacred Garden Rare Plants
  • 132 Silver Valley Rd MS 415 Mt. Garnet QLD 4872
  • Phone (07) 4097 0065
  • Includes Agaves, ant-house plants, Sansevierias
  • Website:
  • Steve Prowse - (Drought Proof Plants)
    P.O Box 648 Gordonvale Qld, 4865
    Ph: (07) 40 561818 Fax: (07) 40 561688
    Deals in a wide range of plant species but has a strong interest in cacti and succulents and native plant including Myrmecodias and Hydnophytums.
  • Taz Wild Plants
    “Bonneys Plains” Conara, Tasmania 7211
    Ph/Fax: (03) 6384 2165
    Commercial grower of local flora – eg Bulbine bulbosa.
  • Florilegium 145 St. Johns Rd. Glebe, NSW 2037
    Ph:(02) 9571 8222 fax: (02) 9571 8333
    Lists over 35000 plants stocked by around 400 specialist Australian nurseries. It is an invaluable source of unusual and rare plants, Australian and exotic.
  • Toona Rainforest Nursery
    Graham McDonald
    12 Phar Lap Ave Mudgeeraba QLD 4213
    Phone/fax: 07 5530 5299
    Located on the gold coast and specialises in rainforest plants – trees, shrubs, understorey plants and climbers including Peperomias, Plectranthus and Hoyas.
  • Wildgems Native Plants
    PO Box 89 Cobargo NSW 2550
    Ph/fax: (02) 6493 7398
    Extensive wholesale range includes rare species.
  • Wirrimbirra Native Nursery
    Hume Highway between Bargo and Tahmoor Eastside NSW 2574
    Ph: (02) 4684 1112
    Wide range including unusual plants.



  • Australian Mining Industry Catalogue
    A comprehensive seed catalogue developed for rehabilitation and revegetation projects in NT, WA and QLD.
  • Nindethana Seed Service
    PO Box 2121 Albany WA 6330
    Ph: (08) 9844 3533 Fax: (08) 9844 3573
    Broad selection of Australian seed.
  • Wildflower Society of Western Australia Inc.
    PO Box 64 Nedlands WA 6909
    Seed Sales officer: Eastern Hills Branch PO Box 111 Glen Forest WA 6071

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