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Live Plants for sale ~ Australia Only


While this website primarily has the aim of being educational and not for profit, costs for research and the website as well as promoting native succulents, necessitates book and plant sales.

EXOTIC* (mostly African & American) succulent plants available by mail - very economical

Also visit our EBay store for more

While many people may not wish to order from our Ebay store, it is very helpful to have a look at all the pictures and price options available there (and special deals and packs we put together) that are very economical. Just looking through our huge range there, will give you the best idea of what's available. If you don't choose to buy directly via our Ebay store, then still check it out and contact us directly here so we can tailor something more suitable to your needs.

These plants are only available for order within Australia (EXCEPT TAS & WA & NT)

Many customers ordering books are interested in plants to buy as well.
We do not have a retail nursery, but have a large collection, with hundreds of spares, and we do sell small plants (surplus) year round with some restricted by seasonal availability.

Most plants pictured in our books are available in Australia, many through us and it is possible to make a wish list of these and send it to us for availability and price.
Individual plant prices vary considerably as to the size of plants required and their rarity (as with availability).
We do not have a catalogue so if you wish to possibly call us on the phone (Ph: 041 999 0934) we can discuss this further.
Some people seek specific plants while others are just starting out and would like a recommended ‘easycare’ range (as below).

We have the following plant collections available (please add $15 for postage & handling unless otherwise stated).


*Please quote collection number when ordering.

A. PayPal to (please quote collection number).

B. Credit card: phone details to: 041 999 0934

  1. Beginner's Collection -Twenty assorted unlabelled succulent cuttings $29.00. Good size plant pieces (pre-cut, dried or prepared ready to plant). Mixed colours and shapes to get you started in this hobby! Ideal for dish gardens. All of these will grow well together.
  2. Twenty assorted unlabelled succulents $46.00. All different. All of these will grow well together.
  3. Fifteen assorted unlabelled SEDUM species and hybrids $50.00. A mixture of cuttings and rooted plants. All different. Most of them grow well together and have been trialled successfully in shallow soils making them ideal for roof gardens (or ground covers).
  4. Twenty assorted labelled succulents $56.00. Good size plants, all different includes popular echeverias and sempervivums. Ideal for dish gardens. All of these will grow well together.
  5. Twenty assorted unlabelled ECHEVERIA - head cuts $60.00. Great collection of some of the best shapes and colours. These will have their roots and stalks cut off before sending. Roots regrow fast.
  6. Twenty DIFFERENT unlabelled HAWORTHIAS $80.00.  Great collection of some of the best shapes and colours. Great for shady places, indoors or out. Ideal for small pots.
  7. Twenty assorted unlabelled AEONIUM and SEMPERVIVUM head cuts $35.00. Great collection of some of the best shapes and colours.These will have their roots and stalks cut off before sending. Roots regrow easily.
  8. Forty assorted labelled succulents $120.00. Good size plants, lots of colours and shapes. A few special varieties included.
  9. PREMIUM COLLECTION - Fifty assorted labelled succulents $200.00. As above. Includes many expensive rare varieties not normally found in nurseries.
  10. CACTI - ten different hardy unlabelled cacti $40.00
  11. CACTI ten different hardy unlabelled cacti,  all of these can flower every year and supplied at a flowering size. Some of these are therefore at a larger size $40.00. Mixture of flower colours.
  12. CACTI - twenty assorted labelled cacti suitable for pot growing (includes Euphorbias) $90.00, good mix of shapes.
  13. CACTI - twenty assorted labelled cacti suitable for garden growing only (includes Euphorbias) $90.00, good mix of shapes.
  14. CACTI - twenty assorted labelled rare cacti only suitable for pot growing (includes Euphorbias)$160.00, good mix of shapes and colours. This selection you'll  probably never find at any local nursery! TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
  15. SPECIAL REQUESTS – Some customers only seek rare, expensive hard to get plants.   We have quite a range of these, average $5.00 ea. Send us your wish list!
  16. ROOFTOP AND WALL PLANTINGS - We regularly get requests for special plants suited to shallow soils for wall and roof planting. Please let us know which town, state and country you are in and which aspect the wall etc. faces - north, south, east or west? As your information provided on these points will be the most important in the plant selection that we recommend. Please contact us with any enquiries and information and we'll guarantee a perfect selection. (However we cannot guarantee the success of your project.) We have over 30 years experience and expertise, far surpassing our competitors. Numerous failing projects call us in for rescue. We give a very personalised step by step consultation for those who wish to visit and see   how they will look in your design. Largest range of suitable succulents you'll find anywhere and the best advise with 30 years experience unmatched by anyone! For more visit our eBay store.
  17. Floral ART & Wreaths - fresh cuttings available 12 months of the year. Whether you want 10 of the same plant at exact size, or 1000 of the same size. Please enquire. Our plants have the reputation to outlast all other living plants and flowers used (even at cemeteries and shrines). Ideal for Anzac events, as they don't need water and can last for weeks or even months in that condition. For more visit our eBay store.

  18. Weddings - cuttings or rooted succulent plants to exact measurements and requirements for table decorations, bomboniere, bouquets, gifts etc. Florists regularly call on us to supply their wedding needs for succulents. We post Australia wide (except WA and TAS). On request we can send some pictures of succulents that are the most suitable and make fantastic neat arrangements on wedding tables. The leaves themselves look like a flower and the pastel colour seem to complement white table cloths and white weddings. Florists who work on wedding decorations may even include them in corsages and bouquets. Another benefit is that these plants cannot go limp in hot and dry weather. For more  and images visit our eBay store. Also ask about other types, colours and quantities we have in our wedding range.

  19. Indoor Succulent Collection $48.00 - 8 different indoor succulent plants, very hardy selection.  8 different species proven winners indoors in a range of conditions and positions. Can remain in small containers indefinitely or can be grouped together in a dish or bowl garden or terrarium. Will grow with or without sunny windows. Most can flower easily at this size however more light increases chance of flowering. None of these are sharp or spiky in any way, so safe and easy to handle. *While many nurseries sell succulents that they claim are for indoors, we are certain our range is better for indoors and will outlast other recommendations. Why? Years of experience and growing them firsthand.

  20. Rooftop & vertical gardens succulent collection $90.00 ($17.00 postage)- 60 unlabelled cuttings (6 different types and colours x 10). Mixed colours and shapes to get your vertical or roof garden going. Also ideal for dish gardens. All of these will grow well together.  We regularly get requests for special plants suited to shallow soils for wall and roof planting. We can tailor selection to suit your state, town and aspect - please let us know whether you want plants for north, south, east or west aspect. It can make the world of difference between success and failure. For more visit our eBay store.

  21. 50 colourful succulent cuttings - all different!

    Fifty assorted unlabelled succulent cuttings for $50.00 Lots of shapes and colours growing outdoors to make them tough. While many nurseries and growers have lush plants grown in a glasshouse or greenhouse, ours are grown hard outdoors-this makes them tough. This way colour, contrast and form are also enhanced. So too are their durability for transport and readiness for any location you're likely to put them in.

    A great range of tactile plants for children and school projects as they are so easy.

    A great gift to start anyone off in the hobby of successful gardening.

    A colourful surprise for your 'succulent addict' friend!

    Succulent projects - everyone has them. Dish gardens, bowls, wreaths, hanging baskets.....project ideas large or small. This is the greatest chance to kick off that idea you've been wanting to try        ..... and have we got the range!

  22. Echeveria elegans "Mexican Snowball' pack (1) $60.00- 20 plants with roots, single head rosettes 50 mm in diameter (see notes below*).

  23. Echeveria elegans "Mexican Snowball' pack (2) $350.00-100 plants with roots, single head rosettes 50 - 60 mm in diameter. (See notes below). (Postage cost or pick up on inquiry). If larger sizes are required please call 041 999 0934.

*Echeveria elegans 'Mexican Snowball'

Grown hard outdoors in full sun in Melbourne, so not soft, lush and weak as could be in nursery growing trays in a greenhouse.

Known as the most elegant and worthwhile Echeveria in the world for most situations:

Great for an eye-catching mass planting.

Certainly the most versatile neat, low-growing ground cover.Forms beautiful clumps.

Keep and grow for many years in confined, small containers (like a rock crevice in habitat).

OR.. grow quickly into clumps when given the room in the open ground.

EXCEPTIONAL as wedding decorations- in corsage, bouquet, bonbonniere as they cannot wilt, as flowers often doin the sun or when without water.

Prized in cemetery tribute plantings and wreaths for any occasion.

Plant colour changes with the seasons from snow white to aqua blue with pink flushes on leaf tips and margins.

Idea for vertical and roof gardens, and wherever mass plantings are desired.

Easy to translocate at any time of the year.

Tolerates cold and heat to equal measure.

Tolerates frost, wind and salt.

Extremely neat and tidy reliable performer, with a great show of flowers every year.


20. WHOLESALE orders welcome - We have some varieties by the 1000's and with pre-planning we can hold or grow on stock for clients - in pots or sizes as required. Please enquire!

If you want to order larger or more mature plants or have special requests, give us a call.

* Exotic succulents are plants that are not native to Australia.


We also sell small plants or cuttings of the following Australian species (for seeds see 'SEED Section)

All the following plants or cuttings are $5.00 each (unless otherwise stated).

Acacia aphylla $6.00

Anacampseros australiana

Brachychiton australis

Brachychiton compactus (rare) $22.00

Brachychiton rupestris

Bulbine vagans

Calandrinia polyandra

Calandrinia remota

Calandrinia reticulata

Calostemma purpurea

Carpobrotus - 4 different species (each with slightly different flower colour, shade and size). Pinks, purples, white and pale yellow.

Crassula sieberiana (perennial form)

Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum

Doryanthes palmeri

Enchylaena tomentosa

Kalanchoe integra

Peperomia blanda var. floribunda (cuttings only)

Peperomia enervis (cuttings only)

Plectranthus sp.

Portulaca australis

Sarcostemma viminale (Coober Pedy form) (cuttings only)

Sarcozona praecox (cuttings only)

Sesuvium portulacastrum (cuttings only)

xDisphyllum 'Sunburn' $5 each or larger orders much cheaper!  Please enquire.

Ph: 041 999 0934 Email:

·    Plants are sent through the mail without soil, please add $15 for postage & handling.
·    Cheque, money order payable to:
Attila Kapitany 1 The Lough Court Narre Warren North Vic 3804
·    Credit card details - 041 999 0934

NB:  We cannot send plants to Western Australia, Tasmania & NT





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