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Cape York Peninsula field trip

Do you want to come to the Cape York Peninsula with me?
I'm planning a field trip to the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia in September 2008.
It will be for approximately for 10-15 days and will focus mostly on the Iron Range and the very interesting and unusual plants that can be found there, especially the succulent plants including Myrmecodia, Hydnophytum and Dischidia. This is also home to Australia's largest carnivorous plant, the Nepenthes. (A new species was also discovered here recently).

I'm asking for AUD$ 500.00 from anyone who wants to come along.
What do you get?
This is not an organised tour - but an opportunity for some like-minded plant people to tag along and share explorations and discussions ‘around the campfire' and in the field.
Four wheel drives are required and my trip starts and finishes in Cairns, QLD.
I'm hiring a 4WD campervan in Cairns and then camping in van parks, homesteads and also in the bush.

Vehicles should have two people in each or three at the most.
The roads are mostly unsealed and heavily corrugated. Some road crossings are through flowing rivers and can only be crossed in the dry months which include September which is the most suitable for this and at the same time when most plants are in flower.
Vehicles usually travel together in groups of two or three. The total number of vehicles possible is six.
As some of this country is quite remote no single vehicle should venture alone to parts of this country.

The opportunity presented here is company, adventure and fun.
I'm not intending to do any great mountain climbing except for possibly Mt. Tozar which isn't that high anyway.
Most plants are found easily from the roadside and can even be spotted from the car window (if you know where to look).
So if hiking or mountain climbing or long bush walks are not your thing, there is still plenty to see within a stroll of the roadside.

And I reiterate this is not a tour - I am not a tour operator or co ordinator, I'm just letting you know about my plan to travel in case you want to come along too.
This is an organise yourself, ‘pay for everything' ‘travel at your own risk' adventure into some of Australia's most remote and interesting places.

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