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Seeds, Sale and Care

For many species of plants, seeds are the most practical and most often used method of multiplication, and also a lot of fun.
We offer seeds for sale, and a wealth of information on seed care.
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Seed Kits for Purchase

This selection of twelve (generally easy to grow) plant species is a representation of a broad range of succulent plants incorporating annuals and perennials - small ground plants, creepers, shrubs and trees.

General Seeds List for Purchase, some with GPS data

Each of the seeds listed are usually sold in packets of 20 -50 seeds. Larger tree seeds - 20 seeds per packet. Small seeds - usually 30-50 seeds per packet.

Seed Raising

Invaluable tips on seed raising, covering topics:
  • Record Keeping
  • Seed Storing
  • The Basics
  • Sowing Large Seed
  • Sowing Small Seed

The following seeds are primarily collected and made available for trials and research into their cultivation. Also to provide easy access to a sampling of Australian succulent plants that otherwise may be very difficult to obtain in any similar form. Whereas some of these seeds may be available individually from various seed suppliers around the world, many are exclusively offered here for the first time.

In the early planning to write the book Australian Succulent Plants the horticultural industry was consulted and we were cautioned that it may be critical to promote plants that were also readily available. As many nurseries may be slow or even reticent to stock new and unproven plant lines, part of the plan, there after in regard to this point was to:

  • Firstly see if plants or seed could easily be collected (preferably in the field), stored and grown by us successfully in our own trials for several years.
  • Secondly, to then present a selection available to as wide an audience as possible.
  • Thirdly to have a major impact on distributing Australian plant material worldwide, but in particular Australia wide.
  • Next to help facilitate cultivation trials by as wide a range of interested people as possible.
  • Finally to encourage a greater appreciation and understanding and use of Australian plants.

A special seed kit was devised which has a restriction of one kit per book purchased (and can only be purchased with the book.). The number of seed kits available was relatively limited to approximately 100-200 kits. THESE ARE NOW ALL SOLD OUT but we still have seeds available in the general seed list.  The purpose of this kit and accompanying seed list was strictly to facilitate the points above and was in no way designed primarily as a money making exercise - driving around Australia collecting seeds or raising our own plants for seed collecting has enjoyable aspects but nonetheless was a major and very costly exercise over a three year period. Based on the success or failure to distribute these particular seeds, there is always the potential from it, to continue distributing further seeds at a later date, in a similar or possibly different format, based on what is learnt from these trials.



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