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Seed Kits for Sale


Seed Quantity

1. Anacampseros australiana 20-22
2. Brachychiton australis (with GPS reading) 20-22
3. Brachychiton rupestris 20-22
4. Bulbine vagans 10
5. Calandrinia creethae (with GPS reading) 50-100
6. Calandrinia schistorhiza (with GPS reading) 30-50
7. Carpobrotus rossii - pink/purple flower (with GPS reading) 20-50
8. Carpobrotus - white fl. (Carnarvon WA) (with GPS reading) 20-50
9. Portulaca australis 30-50
10. Portulaca cyclophylla (with GPS reading) 10
11. Sarcozona praecox (with GPS reading) 30-50
12. Tetragonia tetragonoides 20-30 (10 fruit each with 2-3 seeds)
13. Calandrinia eremaea approx. 20 seeds
14. Maireana erioclada 10-20
15. Maireana amoena (with GPS reading) 10-20
16. Portulaca bicolor - pink flower 20-40
17. Doryanthes palmeri 10
18. Calandrinia polyandra 20-50

This selection is currently SOLD OUT But we still have some of these seeds available in our eBay store, link on our Home Page. No international sales of seeds.

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  • The selection in the seed kit cannot be changed however some extra seed packets can be purchased separately for $AUD5.00 each (this includes any plant listed on the website except Halosarcia bulbosa and those with an asterisk beside their name).
  • Keep in mind that the website, books and seeds are basically only intended to promote and extend the interest in Australian succulent plants. Our stock of some seed is very limited.

This selection of twelve (generally easy to grow) plant species is a representation of a broad range of succulent plants incorporating annuals and perennials - small ground plants, creepers, shrubs and trees. Those of you who are restricted with space need not worry that a few shrubs and trees are included as the plants selected can be kept well in pots for many years. In the case of the largest plant, Brachychiton rupestris, it makes a spectacular tub specimen. While it can be slow growing, short and compact it can just as easily grow rapidly into a small tree (1.5 m in height x 1 m in width) in 24 months, when planted out in ideal garden conditions. To be part of these home trials can be an interesting and challenging experience, as well as a worthwhile contribution to a better collective understanding of these plants.

Of the fifteen plants associated with the seed kit:

  • two species can be grown indoors
  • at least eight are known to be edible (by man)
  • none are considered poisonous to children, pets or livestock
  • several are well regarded as food for livestock especially in dry areas
  • most are an important food source or shelter for Australian fauna and can also be used to attract birds to the garden.

Caution is required before any plant is eaten by humans as sometimes it is only the preparation or cooking that makes a plant edible. Also which part/s of the plant is edible? More information on this can be found here on the 'Edible Plants' page or in the book, Australian Succulent Plants (here »»)

Of the eight plants known to be edible some take years to reach maturity, however a few in our trials were able to reach a useable (edible state) within twelve months. Most of these edible plants can be trialled for consumption within three years of seed planting. So the idea of growing your own edible native plants from seed to fruition from twelve to thirty-six months, is a very interesting challenge any gardener would enjoy. Many gourmet restaurants would be tempted by native delicacies to include in their menu. ‘Bush tucker’ or bush foods can now be taken to a new level with this endeavour from which valuable information can be compiled.

Most of the seed is considered viable however experimentation may be required for optimum germination results e.g. any seed purchased should be divided into smaller portions and trialled under different


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