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Acacia glaucoptera Mimosaceae


‘Flat wattle’, ‘Clay Wattle’


A shrub to approximately 1 m in height and width, often with a sprawling habit, however some large old plants can reach 2 metres across.
Stems are leafless and instead grow flattened wing-like structures called phyllodes along their length (that function in a similar way to leaves).
Stem and phyllode colours  change dramatically as they age- starting with red, orange, then bluish grey/green  to finally a yellow/orange colour. From late winter to early summer, golden yellow flowers arise close to and along the stems.  

This species naturally grows in clay and gravelly lateritic soils of south-western Western Australia. Though not a rare species in habitat, this most unusual and attractive wattle is still very uncommon in cultivation.

Frost hardy. Needs good drainage and pruning after flowering (especially any dead or dying branches that occasionally become unsightly).

Extremely interesting  foliage. The six images below are from our photo library of 51 images of this species. Please ask for specific or further images. (Also see NEW booklet about these and other wattles in website Bookshop).


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Acacia glaucoptera



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