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Grass trees

Australian Grass Trees Xanthorrhoea and Kingia

by Attila Kapitany and Neil Marriott

One of Australia's most iconic plant groups. These plants found across much of Australia,

in stony, sand and poor soils. Spectacular in the landscape and in garden designs,

especially when mixed with other drought-hardy sun loving plants. Few people are aware

of the many different species, from miniatures to blue giants! 28 pages A4 booklet

Filled to the brim with high quality colour photographs and useful information about

these plants in habitat and in cultivation! $18.00

Only available in our eBay store.

Also available with a seed kit at $6.00 each - 30 seeds of three different contrasting

species. Xanthorhhoea australis, a large trunked green species; Xanthorrhoea glauca, A giant blue-grey leaved species and Xanthorrhoea minor, a minature trunkless species. 10 seed of each species are mixed into one packet of 30 seed. This is not intended for the collector who only wants a single species, but rather we have formulated this selection for beginners who want to experience growing a  range of grass trees for the first time.

This seed kit is not available for WA, TAS or NT.

Neil Marriott

About my co-author  for this publication:

Neil Marriott is a renowned conservationist, botanical author and horticulturalist. Neil's expertise with native plants, both in habitat and in cultivation is extensive. He  is co-author of the 3 volumes   of Grevillea books and Grassland Plants of South Eastern Australia. Neil, with his wife Wendy own and operate White Gums Australia Nursery & Environmental Consultancy.

It has been a great collaboration on this Grass Tree booklet, through much of 2016 and 2017, working closely with Neil on every aspect of this work.

LATEST! There is also now an article about grass trees in cultivation in the NEWS and ARTICLES section (on this website), left menu, Grass Trees.