Cactus and Succulent Society of Australia

Provides contacts and links to similar societies in most major cities of Australia (all have plant sellers).

Australian Plants Society, Victoria

While not a website about succulents, it's still one of Australia's best resources for contacting fellow enthusiasts about native plants.

Gardens to visit

Australian native succulent plants are not necessarily always obvious or a major part of any Australian Botanic Garden. Considerable research or a reference in hand is a big advantage. Also the time of the year to find plants and in some cases at their peak may require some homework prior to any visit. For example the Aridlands Botanic Gardens is best visited from August through September, preferably in the middle of this period and after good seasonal rains, when both perennial and annual succulent plants are in vigorous growth and flower. The opposing dry summer and autumn can have these plants shrivelled and unappealing or absent altogether. Botanical Gardens around Australia that include notable plantings of Australian succulent plants are:


Recommended nurseries

Sourcing plants and seeds The contact details of a selection of specialist plant and seed suppliers are listed here, but there are many more nurseries that are not included.
Some of the nurseries below are just beginning to extend their range into this area of native succulent plants, and so dedicated searching may be required e.g. ask about plants not yet in their regular catalogues.
Alternatively you can source your own material in the field. More details about the laws and permits required are available in the book.