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Seed Trial Reports

Some interesting results in Australia from early seed trials.
All species of Carpobrotus, Sarcozona germinated in autumn and winter.

Calandrinia eremea only germinated in early winter.

Portulaca cyclophylla, Calandrinia polyandra, Calandrinia schistorhiza, C. creethae germinated in late December (early summer).

All of the above seed could not be forced to germinate in ideal spring conditions. When this was attempted only one or two weak seedlings germinated.

All of the Brachychiton species germinated easily through the warmer months of spring, summer and autumn. (Autumn was used as the last resort and least successful).

Portulaca australis germinated readily in spring.

It is strongly recommended that anyone planting Australian succulent seeds should consider these optimal times for sowing.

Images of these plants in cultivation will be a feature of the picture gallery, so please keep checking.

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