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More on the stamp proposal - news just in from a restaurant......

Suaeda australis, Sclerostegia arbuscuia, Halsosarcia halocnemoides, Tetragonia tetragonoides, Tetragonia implexicoma, Carpobrotus rossii.

Experimental and entrepreneurial chefs in some of the finest restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney use ingredients which include the succulent plants in the previous entry - Suaeda australis, Sclerostegia arbuscuia and Halsosarcia halocnemoides.
Also Tetragonia tetragonoides, Tetragonia implexicoma and Carpobrotus rossii.

All the plants mentioned are coastal succulents mostly with a savoury taste and a very high moisture content (and were eaten as an essential part of the diet in the early settlement days).

Tetragonia tetragonoides was introduced to England in 1772 and became a popular vegetable in cultivation, called 'Botany Bay Greens' or 'Warrigal Greens'.
To this day it is still the only Australian plant to be grown internationally as a vegetable.

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