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On the stamp issue

From the prominent media writer Melanie Kinsey.....
'Maybe a letter supporting you from the RBG and the CSSA would be a good idea.
The only drawback I can envisage is it is such a niche area of plants unlike the universally popular rose!
...but Australian succulent plants are more than 'just a pretty face'.......a look at any media reports on Australia's most endangered bird species will reveal the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot as nearing extinction and its habitats and food plants are a priority for the government to manage.
The main food plants are all succulents.

The endangered Orange-bellied Parrot Neophema chrysogaster favours the seeds of Sarcocornia quinqueflora.
It also feeds on Suaeda australis, Sclerostegia arbuscuia and Halsosarcia halocnemoides (and Cakile maritima in Tasmania).
All of these are succulent plants.
These mostly salt marsh plants and their habitats are critical to the future of this bird species and are regularly monitored.

Several of the above mentioned plants and the parrot association are covered in more detail in the book 'Australian Succulent Plants'.


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