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Anzac succulents

Believe it or not - while most people associate Anzac Day with poppies that grow on or near the beach of Gallipoli, some often find this day also reminds them of the succulents that grow there too.
In fact there is a famous Australian painting called 'Gallipoli Wildflowers' by George Lambert 1919, that shows a bunch of flowers collected from Gallipoli that are shown to be in a soldier's slouch hat.
Obvious are Euphorbias and soft grey succulents (as well as Anemones and grasses).

Now I've just heard (in relation to the stamp entries below and at left) that succulents are among the most popular extras used with real flowers in wreath arrangements as they are longer lasting than most flowers.

I was advised to suggest to Australia Post philatelic head office in Melbourne to visit the city cemetery that is only a short walk from their building.
A quick glance around there at older parts will reveal the popularity and long lasting virtues of succulents around gravesites.

Succulents in this context are also unsung heroes.


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